FAQ 목록

  1. [SOFTXIL] How can I purchase SOFTXIL abroad?

    If there is an authorized distributor in local, you can purchase our products through the local distributor.

    However, if there is no distributor in your country, please contact to BISTOOL head office (

    Please inquire our head office for more details; agency information, purchase, etc.

  2. [SOFTXIL] The color of SOFTXIL is white. Does it see through after it is inserted into the human body?

    It cannot be seen through after surgery.

    It can possible if a doctor use a transparent silicone, or high prostheses to a patient who has thin skin.

  3. [SOFTXIL] What is a double hardness(soft+hard) silicone?

    It is designed similar as a human tissue by using two types of silicone; hard silicone to nasal bone part and soft silicone for tissue.

  4. [SOFTXIL] Is SOFTXIL a safe product?

    SOFTXIL is made with the implant grade silicone which receive FDA approval.

    It is produced according to strict quality control standards of ISO13485, GMP.

    Also, it is a sterile packaged product, so that it can be used immediately without any disinfection.

  5. [SOFTXIL] There are various types in Nasal implant. How can I select SOFTXIL model?

    ① Select the Nasal model according as how much will you raise the height of the glabella.

    ② Select the shape of the tip of a nose according to the way of the surgery.

  6. [VXIL] How long does it take for the thread to be absorbed?

    It takes about 6 months for the PDO and about 2 years for the PCL.

  7. [VXIL] What's the difference between a cutting thread and a molding thread?

    The barb of cutting thread is manufactured by making cut in the thread. However, the barb of molding thread is manufactured by making a mold of thread with a barb shape together.

    Therefore, the sturdy barb of the molding thread has higher tensile strength.

  8. [VXIL] Are PDO and PCL materials safe?

    In the case of PDO, it has been recognized for its safety as it is used as a suture in heart surgery.

    Both PDO and PCL are absorbable and almost without irritation.

  9. [VXIL] Is it possible to remove the thread after the procedure?

    It is not easy to remove.

    PDO and PCL are absorbable biodegradable materials that absorb naturally over time.